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Anonymous asked:

werewolfRuby headcanon: Ruby and Cinder siting on the roof and watching stars, when suddenly...full moon!

kinzaibatsu91 answered:

Ruby clutches her chest in an agonizing pain and suddenly *poof* she disappears in a blink of an eye.

Cinder, daze by what just happen sits there until she notice movements underneath the pile of cloth the young girl left behind.

As she goes to examine it, she heard a faint whimpering sounds as she gets closer to it  “A puppy?” she thought. There’s a bump underneath the red cloak that Ruby always wear that’s making all the movement.

She removes the red garment only to reveal a wolf cub underneath it. The young creature is covered with soft looking black fur but the tip of the ears and tail are faded to red just like Ruby’s and it even has silver eyes just like her so it can’t be a coincidence.

The girl’s gone and in place a pup with the same color scheme as her is in her place under her clothes, she’s pretty much sure who the little pup is by now. “Little Red?” she asked and the pub replies it with a bark a few times.

She chuckles “So you’re not only Little Red but a Little Bad Wolf too?”